Tournaments: Terms and Conditions
Final War Regional and Grand Melee tournaments are organized by Final War Pty Limited. Qualifying tournaments are organized by retail game venues. Qualifying tournaments will commence no earlier than April 1, 2017 and must be sanctioned by Final War Pty Limited in writing. Regional Finals will be held in multiple State venues in September and October, 2017. The Grand Melee final will be held at PAX Aus 2017. A minimum of 8 entrants are required for each qualifying tournament. One participant in each qualifying tournament will progress to the Regional Finals for every 8 participants in the qualifying tournament (rounding down). Regional Finals will yield 32 players for the Grand Melee to be held at PAX Aus 2017. 4 invited players and/or wild card entrants will be added to the 32 players in the Grand Melee. No entry fee is payable to Final War Pty Limited for qualifying tournaments. Retail game venues may require tournament entry conditions such as the purchase of Final War merchandise. No entry fee is applicable for qualifying players at the Regional Finals or the Grand Melee event. Participants must be physically present to play Final War and must each have a 50 card player deck and Warlord card. Total prize pool includes cash prizes of $30,000 at the Grand Melee (including $20,000 for 1st place) and merchandise with a retail value of $20,000. Qualification for Regional finals and the Grand Melee is non transferable. Prize pool requires a minimum of 128 qualifying tournaments yielding a minimum of 128 participants at Regional finals. Final War reserves the right to lower the total prize pool if there are less than 128 qualifying tournaments. Entrants under the age of 18 must have their parent or guardian’s permission to participate in Regional Finals or the Grand Melee. Final War Pty Limited directors and staff are not eligible to participate in Regional Finals or the Grand Melee. Final War will issue full tournament rules, tournament structure and conditions before the start of qualifying rounds. Final War reserves the right to change tournament rules, entry conditions and other tournament conditions at its sole discretion. © 2017 Final War Pty Limited.